August 3, 2015

SA’s leading Guide Training company acquires influential FGASA CEO

Grant Hine
EcoTraining, the oldest and most established of the safari guide and wildlife training institutions endorsed by FGASA, is thrilled to announce the appointment of their new General Manager, Grant Hine. Grant is the former CEO of The Field Guide Association of southern Africa so this amalgamation of experience and skill from both parties should prove to be a noteworthy boost to the safari circuit.
The appointment comes at a time when EcoTraining has significant intentions to reach new places and new heights. “We are building a dream team to bolster EcoTraining into a position of having an impact on the world’s natural places,” says Anton Lategan, director and owner of EcoTraining. “We aim to win over the hearts and minds of people all over the globe and encourage them to love and care for their environment. Our life-changing wilderness experiences on all of our courses connect participants to the earth, reawakening instinctive senses.”
EcoTraining’s mission is two-fold: to produce highly qualified local field guides for the ecotourism industry, and to educate travellers from all walks of life about wildlife and ecosystems through a unique learning safari. What better way to achieve the aforementioned mission than under the auspices of Grant Hine, the guru in Field Guide Training in South Africa. Grant worked as a field guide and lodge manager for 12 years at various prominent safari lodges including MalaMala, SabiSabi and at lodges in the Lapalala wilderness area. His knowledge and experience with the etiquette of guiding guests into the bush to reveal fascinating facts about wildlife to them, ensured the move to become FGASA’s CEO was seamless.  Over the past 14 years, Grant has been instrumental in building up FGASA to where it is today and developing the existing guiding qualifications.
Trainers have challenging jobs as they host, teach, care for, understand, empathise and lead learners for long periods at a time. What they teach has a direct effect on how future safari guides behave, which in turn has a direct effect on international and local safari guests’ experiences and impressions of that particular lodge, game reserve, country and continent. Guides influence the hearts and minds of the well-travelled world. The responsibility of our trainers is significant as they are the messengers to a global audience.
After 22 years of guide training excellence delivered in the Kruger Park, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and further afield, the inclusion of Grant to the EcoTraining team will further empower EcoTraining to deliver the best guide training and the most powerful wilderness experiences to all who seek them.

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