July 30, 2015

Tracking - an unforgettable experience

If you ever thought of joining a Tracking course, then this testimonial will surely persuade you to sign up! Terry Black joined EcoTraining on a recent Tracking course and sent us the most rewarding feedback:

"I very much enjoyed my time in Makuleke, I'd been travelling through East Africa for two months before arriving in South Africa, but I think my time with EcoTraining was probably the highlight of the whole trip - and you can tell Alex that I think Norman was a very important part in making that the case.

We identified and looked at nearly 100 different species over the two weeks, and many more signs if you include spoor/scenting etc, and despite this vast amount of information coming right at us, it was absorbed very easily thanks to the perfect pace of the instruction and the fact that we were having fun every minute of the day.

Norman was an exemplary instructor. I honestly couldn't praise him highly enough. I have no criticism or suggestions whatsoever. He was very keen to ensure we were learning what we wanted to learn, asking early on if we had any other interests in addition to the tracks (medicinal use of trees, bird calls etc), and he was very conscious to make sure that everyone was OK all the time; asking 'Everyone still, OK?', whenever on a long drive or walk. I felt safe, valued and important at every step. His tone, pace, (and patience!) made the learning experience easy and fun, but it was his unbridled enthusiasm that was absolutely infectious. His charisma and love for the bush was plain to see and made the whole two weeks an unforgettable experience. I'm enjoying his 'after-care' as well (emailing me pictures of tracks to identify) and I hope I will see him again next time I'm in South Africa, I felt like I made a good friend.
Norman Chauke in action
Walking in the wild outdoors
The other EcoTraining instructors were all absolutely relaxed in their approach and professional in their execution. I would like to make special mention of Alan, who brought another dimension of expertise and experience to the course - it isn't just the stuff on the 'tracking syllabus' which informed my time in the bush, but every anecdote and story of the flora and fauna, history, culture, geology, ecosystems and daily life, and I owe Alan a great deal for enriching the experience.
Elephant encounter a few meters away

I felt honoured to have met Alex when he came to visit the first few days. I had very high expectations from the Tracker Academy and EcoTraining, and I am very pleased to say they were all highly surpassed. The work of the Tracker Academy is fantastic, Norman is an incredible ambassador for both The Tracking Academy and EcoTraining. I will be telling everyone I know about the course. I can't thank you enough."

The next 14 day Tracking course starts 10 August in the magical Botswana. Contact us at enquiries@ecotraining.co.za for to book your spot today!

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