August 6, 2015

Do a course that suits you best!

Mike Kirby has started off as a Professional Field Guide student earlier this year. Little did he know that he would end up working as a back-up guide at our camps during his Lodge placement programme. Mike shares some great insider tips to those who are not too sure about what course to book!

"Doing an EcoTraining short course, a 55 day FGASA Field Guide Level 1 course or even a one year Professional Field Guide course is, in my opinion, the best experience Southern Africa has to offer.
It caters for a complete African novice to guides who want to further their knowledge. EcoTraining has a course catered for you!
During my FGASA Level 1 training, you got to understand how the environment works around you, from mammals to arthropods to trees.  Your knowledge and general understanding of nature in Southern Africa and any other place will grow tremendously.
I would also highly recommend the 7 or 14 day Tracking course, held in one of the four wilderness camps in South Africa and Botswana.  I was astounded at how much this course taught me and how much I can apply the knowledge and read the ‘stories in the sand’.
If you only have a month to spare, then 28 day Trails Guide course is on the top of my list.  You will be ttaying in the remote wilderness camps of either Makuleke, Kruger National Park or Mashatu, Botswana. The art of guiding on foot is learnt, as well as accessing places that no vehicle or tourist has even seen.
All of the courses can be done without pursuing a career in guiding. You can look at it as an educational holiday in some of the best areas Africa has to offer.
Personal highlights during the One year PFG course was: 
  •           The remoteness of all the camps
  •          Walking with elephant and lion
  •          Opening my eyes to the little things that are quite often overlooked
The more you know, the more you appreciate nature and are breath-taken by what is going on around you in any environment."

Blog written by Mike Kirby

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