April 10, 2012


To discover nature’s secrets and learn more about the intricate workings of the animal and plant kingdom, that’s all part and parcel of life on an EcoTraining course. And if one discovers some hidden talents of one’s own in the process, then all the better.

Just ask Christina Tabacco, currently a student on the FGASA Level One 55 day course. She recently had to do a presentation at our wilderness camp in Selati and she chose thermal regulation by mammals. At the end, she presented this poem as her conclusion. Well, if a life as field guide should not work out, there’s always the option of a venture into the literary world for this nature fanatic!

THERMAL DELIGHT by Christina Tabacco

This super hot heat
is making me retreat
beneath a shepherds tree
to rest my stinky sweaty feet

Today on the plains
elephants do gain
from a splash in a bath
of sludgy brown water
Nyalas never hotter
from the shade they will not saunter
until the day concludes and a cool breeze
makes them unfreeze
from waking hours of sweatless unease

Catching the sun’s last burst
the rock dassies lay dispersed
on a dolorite dyke
while jackals find a warm, poopy bed for the night

Now I put my jersey on
sensing the cool night coming strong
Tomorrow at morning’s request
rock jumpers and impala will don their furry best
As I crawl into my bed
I am happy for the synthetic and down
a cocoon in which I’ll surely sleep sound
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