April 11, 2012


The sleep-out excursion on any EcoTraining course is definitely a highlight for all the students. Surviving in the middle of the African wilderness, far from the modern day comforts of home, may sound a bit daunting for most, but for the adventurous at heart it is an experience to remember.

And this is exactly what the group of FGASA Level One students (two month course) at our Selati camp can attest to when they ventured out for a two day sleep-out recently. Under the guidance of experienced instructors Wouter and Shani, they roughed it a bit but nonetheless enjoyed it tremendously. As these photos from Louise Gillman-Wells, one of the students, clearly show.

The best was saved for the daylight hours when the group was awakened by the load roaring from one of the Selati male lions, Mburi, close by their sleep-out spot. Everybody quickly jumped into the game viewing vehicle and it wasn’t long before the culprit was spotted.

And what a sight it was!

Having made a kill during the night, Mburi was dragging half a wildebeest carcass through the bush and tall grass. The students, and instructors for that matter, were craning their necks and cameras and recorders were at the ready, capturing this unbelievable sight.

Mburi didn’t bother much with the action from the vehicle; his only focus was that piece of meat dangling from his mouth.  

And so another great adventure was had on an EcoTraining course, which seems to be the rule rather than the exception! If you don’t want to miss out, have a look what’s on offer at www.ecotraining.co.za or send an email to enquiries@ecotraining.co.za for more information.

(Thank you Louise Gillman-Wells for the photos!)
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