January 31, 2012


When you book an EcoTraining course, specially the longer courses, the sleepout on the itinerary always creates a great deal of anticipation. Lying in your sleeping bag, with the magnificent night sky as your ‘roof’, is just something else. Claire, wife of lead instructor Wouter at our Selati wilderness camp, describes the sleep out of the year group that started their course at the beginning of the month:

The group of 15 students, 1 volunteer and two instructors attempted to track some of the rarer species that are sometimes seen in the reserve, but without luck. They did however identify some female leopard tracks.

The weather held out for a lekker braai (‘lekker’ meaning great and ‘braai’ being a barbeque on an open fire) and successful sleep out. It was a very clear evening, perfect for star gazing and Wouter promptly gave the students a lecture on astronomy, using the night sky as his canvas. Night watch teams stayed up in pairs for an hour at a time, scanning with flash lights and keeping the firing burning. This allowed everyone to get some sleep, and those on watch to experience the night sounds.

Chris Stamper (assistant instructor) entertained everyone with his audible snoring.

Hyenas called close to the camping spot in the early hours of the morning and upon return to camp, some of the students promptly went for a nap. Wonder if Chris had anything to do with this, mmm…

(Thanks Claire and Chris for the photos!)

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