February 3, 2012


If you book a place on EcoTraining’s yearlong professional field guide course, chances are you most likely want to enter the guiding industry fulltime. Otherwise you are probably after one heck of an adventure and a holiday with a difference.  And if you get the chance to show off some of your hidden talents in the process, why not?

Like Dan, currently at our Selati camp where he started his year course at the beginning of January. One night Dan treated his fellow students and the Selati staff to a fully cooked braai and dessert.  Ever the Boy Scout, Dan has since been renamed Masterchef Dan, after showcasing his culinary skills. His meal included homemade apple pies which he cooked in a Dutch oven over coals. Yummy!

While Dan was slaving over a hot fire, a few of his fellow students were having fun in the Selati river, well, guess somebody had to do it, as is evident here…

There has also been some very good riverside birding at Selati lately, after the heavy rains from a couple of weeks ago.

The students also tried their hand at making bows. Teams spent the morning collecting natural materials and then constructing their bows. Then it was time for action!

And saving the best for last – at first sight, a rhino track, that’s easy enough. But if you look closer, there’s an African wild cat’s spoor in the centre between the two side toes of the rhino!

(Thanks Claire and Chris for the photos!)

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