January 30, 2012


Imagine 28 days of living and learning in nature at our wilderness camps and then using this knowledge to give your safari and bush holidays a whole new meaning. Then join EcoTraining this year at Karongwe and Makuleke on one of our safari guide courses!

This is our well-known comprehensive field training course aimed at those wishing to experience a bush holiday in South Africa, whilst also learning about the environment they are in – it is for those that are passionate about nature, who would like a more in-depth experience and understanding of it.

It is a learning experience from the minute you arrive with the days starting at first light (in summer as early as 04:30). Then a quick sip of coffee and some rusks before the different groups goes off – either on a vehicle or on own steam through the bush. For the next couple of hours nature is the classroom, with the instructors sharing their knowledge and wisdom. And heads are shook in amazement about how little we know and how much more still lies hidden.

Mid morning it’s back to camp for a hearty breakfast/brunch. Then it is lecture time, with a range of subjects including geology, ecology, weather and climate, taxonomy, astronomy, mammals, reptiles, birds and animal behavior.

The grey matter then gets some breathing space to digest all that information. Lunch is served a little later before everybody goes bundu bashing again until sunset. Dinner is a welcome relief for the hungry after a very long but rewarding day. But still it’s not the end, the telescope is directed at the night sky and the stars, planets and constellations come alive.

And this is basically the rhythm for 28 days. There’s not much time for lazing around in the tents, in summer it’s too hot anyway with temperatures rarely moving out of the 30’s. And here in the bush winter is only slightly milder.  Who wants to hide away anyway with so much to discover?

Then it’s that time, to see if something stuck somewhere. If you successfully pass the 3 written tests, 2 oral presentations, 2 practical evaluations and a walk and game drive evaluation, then you will obtain an EcoTraining certificate.

Because, as they say, there’s no conservation without education.  So become a green warrior and join EcoTraining on the adventure of a lifetime! Email enquiries@ecotraining.co.za for course dates and more information!
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