November 1, 2013


With the Smoke that Thunders as the backdrop, you couldn’t ask for a better classroom setting for digesting all that nature has to offer during this EcoTraining 55 Day Field Guide Level 1 course in a brand new location.

The first course will run from 17 February to 12 April 2014 at the Nakavango Conservation Centre in the 2500 hectare (6000 acre) Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve in Zimbabwe.  Just ten kilometres away are the Victoria Falls – one of the seven natural wonders of the world!

The Reserve is the only property in the Vic Falls region where the Big Five can be viewed, due to the presence and protection of black rhino in the reserve.

There is a great diversity of wildlife on the reserve, from invertebrates, frogs and reptiles to birds and mammals. Mammals are abundant - from small gerbils and other rodents, several species of smaller carnivores, as a well as antelope, right through to the large predators (lion, leopard, cheetah), the black rhino and the African elephant. The bird species in the region include “specials” such as the broad-billed roller, western-banded snake-eagle, schalow’s turaco, narina trogon and taita falcon.

This course is for you – whether you intend becoming a field guide (it is FGASA accredited) or purely has a deep and innate love for the bush. Every minute of this 55 day programme will be a learning experience, being submerged in nature and constantly exposed to the African bush.

The course covers a broad spectrum of subjects in the form of daily lectures and practical activities, out in the field. These alternate between game walks and game drives. Midday lectures involve topical instruction and discussion, on the subject or game encounter of the day.

It is believed that Scottish explorer David Livingstone was the first to set eyes on the world’s largest sheet of falling water almost 160 years ago.

In this instance, be one of the first participants on this EcoTraining 55 Day Field Guide Level 1 course in its brand new location

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