September 1, 2013


What if, even just for a few days, you can experience something totally unique, inspiring and maybe even life changing?

Just imagine this – the dawn chorus of francolins waking you up, then sipping on a warm cuppa to get the morning going, waiting for a zebra crossing of a different kind, observing big grey beasts from a safe distance, straining the ears for yet unidentified sounds, unearthing fascinating facts about all things wild and wonderful and ringing in the night around a crackling camp fire?

If you have a love of nature, a wilderness spirit and seeking adventure, then this is your last chance to book your place on the upcoming EcoTraining Wilderness Skills Trails course from 17-22 September 2013. Send an email to to make sure you become part of the bigger wilder picture, rejuvenate the spirit and help the greater cause of conservation!

The 5 nights/6 days course will be spend exploring the 24 000 hectare Makuleke concession inside the Kruger National Park on foot. It has almost no roads, has the largest fever tree forest in South Africa, two perennial rivers, 12 natural springs, has open borders with two countries and lies in the middle of the Limpopo Transfrontier National Park. 

Lessons you will be taught will not be found in any books, but will rather be hands on learning. Candidates will be encouraged to participate in navigation, planning and setting up eco-friendly camp sites, night watch and trailing and tracking animals where appropriate.

You will have an unbelievable time while gaining a better understanding for all things wild and wonderful, while at the same time making your contribution to the conservation of the natural world.

And if you are still contemplating, these eloquent words of a participant on a previous Wilderness Skills Trails course, will surely make you make THAT BOOKING:

“We all used to live in a cave
And hear the sound that nature gave
That sound that carries like a wave
That sound that we must now save
It was an ancient memory
That told me not to run or flee
When I heard the lion roar
I just wanted more, more, more
The sound is in the soul, the blood
It makes the heart go thud, thud, thud
The sound that makes your throat go gulp
And turns your insides into pulp
A visceral feeling
Inspired kneeling
Spiritual healing”

For more information, visit or send an email to
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