September 26, 2012


Take a moment, and picture this…

Following in the footsteps of the largest herd of free roaming elephant on private land, picking up the spoor of lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, bat eared foxes, aardwolves, cheetahs, and at night with the help of a spotlight scouring the plains for a glimpse of night dwellers like porcupines, aardvarks, genets and civets.

If you want to join in an unrivalled adventure experience of this nature, then book a place on the EcoTraining conservation and research course at our Mashatu wilderness camp in Botswana. For 14 days you will roam this massive tract of land in the easternmost corner of Botswana, the ideal terrain to appreciate the wild.

And this is what you will get to experience, among other things. Feast your eyes...

This course offers you the opportunity to join a dedicated research project in a new approach to game management. This exciting new concept in wildlife management creates a need for volunteers to assist in research of populations moving through this vast wilderness. Educational modules will be included in the form of lectures and daily drives and walks, projects and reserve work. Link in with researchers in the area and help collect data and share knowledge of the area.

More scenes from life at Mashatu...

It’s all about the bush. So as is the case with our other camps, the Mashatu camp is unfenced, and animals do on occasion wander through. Therefore don’t be surprised to wake up and find elephant, leopard or lion tracks around the camp.

Make 2012 a memorable year, give yourself an early Christmas present and book your place on the course running from 13-25 November! For more information and bookings, email or visit www.ecotraining
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