September 21, 2011

Last year EcoTraining hosted a fundraising evening at White River to raise awareness and funds

for Conservation.

It is with great pleasure that we can report back to you that a total of just over R42 000-00 was

raised on the evening and that the money raised, together with an additional R10 000-00 donated

by EcoTraining, was used to ear-notch a population of rhinos in the far northern Kruger National

Park in the Makuleke Contractual Park.

The ear-notching exercise included the collection of DNA material which will ensure that any rhino

horn products will be traced back to their source, which could play a crucial role in bringing

poachers to book.

We hope that this contribution towards the expenses of this operation along with the contribution

made by Kruger National Park through their conservation work will stand the area in good stead

and will make a contribution to rhino conservation in general.

We at EcoTraining would like to thank all of you for sharing the evening with us and for your

generosity towards a worthwhile cause.

We also want to thank all the sponsors and Dr Rudi van Aarde that entertained and informed us

with his insights into Elephant management.

With very best wishes to you all.
Anton Lategan, Lex Hes and the rest of the EcoTraining team.

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