July 18, 2011

EcoTraining Kenya - Lewa

Robert Bateman’s extraordinary donation. His painting of a ‘Cheetah at Lewa Downs,’ is to be auctioned by Copley Fine Art Auctions in Plymouth, Massachusetts on July 21st - all the proceeds of which will benefit Lewa. This is such a fabulous painting, both for its size and of course it is superbly atmospheric representation of Lewa, We are sure the canvas will be of interest to many Lewa supporters.

Robert Bateman was born in Toronto in 1930, and is considered one of the premier wildlife painters of the late 20th century. Working as a High School Geography and Art teacher for nearly 20 years, his success as a painter came in the late 1970s. Since that time he has been regularly honoured with awards and other various distinctions. In addition to receiving numerous honorary degrees from respected Universities across North America, his more recent awards include the Amnesty International Human Rights Defender Award; the Simon Combes Award from the Artists for Conservation Foundation, and the Niagara Escarpment Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bateman’s works have been exhibited in numerous one-man shows at museums across North America, including the Tryon Gallery in London and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. His distinctive paintings are in public and notable private collections across the globe, among them that of HRH Prince Charles and of the late Princess Grace of Monaco. Bateman’s paintings are constantly in demand. Robert cherishes his visits to Lewa, so this canvas of a ‘Cheetah at Lewa’ is particularly evocative and provides an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a Bateman painting of this significance.

For further details relating to the Bateman paintings or information to place a bid at the Copley Fine Art Auction on July 21st, please refer to their website at www.copleyart.com (You will find the painting by selecting the artist’s name Bateman from the dropdown box).

http://www.copleyart.com/sporting-art-auction-item.php?id=Bateman316&search=Robert Bateman (b. 1930)
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