September 24, 2015

What the students have to say: FGASA Level 1 course in Zimbabwe

EcoTraining in collaboration with Nakavango Conservation programme runs FGASA Level 1 courses from the Stanley and Livingstone reserve in Zimbabwe twice a year. This venue proofs to offer amazing learning opportunities and beautiful sightings. The current course started on 17 August, and are just about halfway through and with Mark Gunn as an instructor, you can only have an amazing time. One of the students shares her experience on the course thus far:

Ruth Westrick, Switzerland
"I just want to send you a quick note to let you know how much fun I have got doing the FGASA level 1 course at Nakavango. It is intense and I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of it. We've had some awesome sightings where we could observe animals for a very long time, whilst learning a lot of interesting facts about everything that the bush is offering. Mark, our instructor has got an impressive knowledge and I like his holistic approach. I am sad to say that we are over half way already and will continue to enjoy my great time here.
Our short trip into Chobe was awesome as well. You are running a great programme and I am so glad that I enrolled for it."
For more information on the FGASA Level 1 course in Zimbabwe, contact our enquiries department at or call us +27 (0)13 752 2532
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