October 21, 2014

Crazy day in Selati

Selati Game Reserve is known for its amazing birding and tree diversity; however it is not that often you see big game wondering in and around camp.

“Our students had one crazy day at Selati. It all started when they set off on their walk in the morning. After a while, Andreas heard guinea fowl alarm calling and they decided to see if they could find out what the guinea fowl were so alarmed about. It didn’t take them long to see a lion through the bushes! Andreas got the students in a safe position, and after a few minutes the lioness got up and moved a bit away from them, to behind some shrubs, probably to find a shadier spot. Andreas slowly checked to see where she went, but then he suddenly saw another lioness hiding in the bush. Eventually they managed to discover four lions in total, two adults females, a young female and a young male. The lions were incredibly relaxed with the groups’ presence and never showed any signs of aggression.

That same afternoon the group set out for the afternoon activity. Andreas first took them back to where he spotted the lions and they were still there. After a while we went back to the vehicle and resumed our game drive.

A few hours later we drove back into camp. Andreas was on the tracker seat and noticed lion tracks over our vehicle tracks at the camp entrance. Andreas saw that they were heading into the eastern direction of our camp. It didn’t take him too long to figure out that they had made a kill inside our camp, right behind the men’s bathroom.  We all got in the vehicle again and drove around to see all four of the lions that we had seen on foot earlier that day, feeding on a Nyala kill.  Another hectic day in the office.”

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