July 25, 2014

FGASA Level 1 55 day Practical Observation

As the end of the FGASA Level 1 55 day course draws close at Karongwe, the students have been hard at work trying to fill their already crammed brains for the practical observation test.  This is a requirement for the CATHSSETA qualification to show that the candidates are able to identify common field signs, as well as the main trees and grasses found in the area of operation.  Practical learning is often the best way and the students were given a variety of tracks, dung and botanical samples (to name but a few) to interpret as they spent yesterday morning putting their new-found wealth of theoretical knowledge into practice.  

 Much head scratching was experienced by all, but in general, the overall standard was very high and we are proud of how far this group has come in the last month and half.  The FGASA exam, as well as bird slides and sound calls, now beacons for the next generation of field guides but we expect great things and are confident that the new breed will enter the guiding scene armed with plenty of fascinating ammunition to share with their guests! 

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