March 20, 2014

THROUGH THE BUSH TELEGRAPH: Lions and elephants a plenty - Mashatu

The Land of the Giants never fails to deliver… And all those that dare to cross the Limpopo River, will experience this first hand.

Instructor Okwa Sarefo sent through this exciting update from our wilderness camp in the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana:

“We packed lunch and left camp at 06:00am. We were in central Mashatu not long after, watching a pride of lions, six cubs between 14-16 months old and two adult lionesses.

We then drove along the Mojale River where we sat for at least an hour watching some elephants swimming and bathing in the mud, it was truly beautiful!

From the elephants we saw a rock python and after this sighting we had lunch under a nice and cool Nyala berry tree.

And then we turned around with a hyena barely 10 metres away. It must have smelled our delicious fried chicken and potato salad!

It was a real busy day, but utterly rewarding.”

(Thanks for sharing, Okwa!)
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