December 4, 2013

ECOTRAINING PROFESSIONAL FIELD GUIDE COURSE: Kick up some dust and take 2014 head on!

Just take a minute, sit back and let your mind wonder, courtesy of former EcoTraining course participant Kevin Holroyd…

“I heard about this mystical bush place… and every time anyone spoke about it, they got a misty eyed, far-away look in their eyes – now I know why…

Around a ‘get to know each other fire’ we were greeted by two male lions booming their hello, a 100 metres from camp…  Imagine a place where you walk under baobabs and into fever tree forests, through mopani and onto floodplains. Nyala, impala, kudu, eland, zebra, buffalo and elephant around, not to mention racket-tailed rollers, grey-headed parrots and lemon-breasted canaries to make every birder’s heart jump….

To top it all, you can draw on the experience of the best instructors in the industry… To all of them, we owe a ‘termite mound’ of gratitude.

My body unfortunately, had to leave this place, but my soul will always rest…”

Now that we’ve got your attention – Are you ready to make that jump into an adventure of epic proportions, to experience something truly unforgettable and inspirational?

Then cross out 3 March – 23 December 2014 in your diary and pencil in “Profound Learning Experience!” as you will want to tick that box next to the EcoTraining Professional Field Guide course.

Whether you want to become a qualified field guide, take a gap year or purely want to increase your knowledge of the African bush, this course will fulfil all these requirements. For almost a full year, you will be exposed to diverse landscapes, wildlife and so much more at our unfenced wilderness camps in remote places such as the Makuleke Concession (Kruger National Park), Karongwe Reserve, Selati Reserve and Mashatu Reserve (Botswana).

The course is split between 4-5 months of theoretical and practical training with our highly qualified and experienced instructors. Then follows the lodge placement period of 5-6 months where you will be mentored to develop your newly acquired skills.

Go to or send an email to to be able to say ‘Been there, done that, LOVED it!’

Like Devon Becker, who’s now living his dream working at Elephant Plains Game Lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. He reminisces over his time spent with EcoTraining on the Professional Field Guide course.

At the start of the year I know I was in for a great time, I just did not know how much, and how I would grow as a person and have a deeper love for the bush. It was action packed, minute by minute, full of adventure and fun. Sure, there were times we had to work hard, but walking the extra mile and putting the effort in, paid off in a big way. I loved every minute of it and would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Candice Wagener McGuire reflects on why she guides and why booking a place on this course won’t be a mistake…

“I guide because I like sharing my passion with those around me, I love seeing how the bush inspires every single being. My day is made when I see how people brighten up when they spend their holiday in the bush, how the smallest things put a smile on their faces. When I guide, I feel like I’m making a small difference to keep Africa alive in everyone’s hearts.”

Final word belongs to Nick Baker, another former participant on an EcoTraining Professional Field Guide course.

The beauty of Ecotraining’s year course is the extended time one spends out there, nothing is rushed and every day one learns something new, building a quite awesome knowledge base. However one thing you learn quickly is that however much you may think that you have learned, there are folk who know so much more and have deep years of bush experience.

This clearly manifests through the course instructors. I am not sure what I was expecting but each and every instructor is a well of knowledge and fascinating personality, each leaves a significant impression, all are different… Thank you to all those instructors who spent time with us, showed patience, interest, passion...

The experience is total and is built of a complicated set of components, animals, birds, trees, plants, insects, soil, water, weather, stars. Sights, sounds, smells, magic...

The bush does funny things to your head. It has got inside mine…”

A reminder…

EcoTraining Professional Field Guide Course – 3 March– 23 December 2014 – Go to or send an email to to book your place!

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