August 8, 2013


Yearning to break away and experience something truly life-changing? Want to understand the intricate inner-workings of nature and how all is connected? Have time?

Then book your place on EcoTraining’s professional field guide course and walk away with a deeper understanding of Africa’s web of life, a greater appreciation for conservation and an altogether different outlook on life.

The next course, starting in September, is filling up quickly and for a limited period EcoTraining will offer this course at a special rate (terms and conditions apply).

To join in the adventure of a life time and book one of those last remaining places, send an email to

This course is not only for people wishing to enter the industry as field guides, but for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the African bush. 

For almost one year you will be exposed to diverse ecological and geological terrains, landscapes, wildlife species and so much more at our wilderness camps in places like Makuleke, Karongwe, Selati (South Africa) and Mashatu (Botswana).

After six months of theoretical and practical training, the lodge placement period will follow where interaction with guests from all over the world will certainly give you more memories to bank.  At the end of the year you will therefore not only be qualified, but will also have gained practical experience in the lodge industry. 

But don’t just take our word for it. From the horse’s mouth, or in this case, Nick Baker, a former professional field guide course participant:

“I was privileged to work in the Wilderness Pafuri camp in the Kruger National Park. Most of the employees are from the local Makuleke tribe and in many ways it felt like working in an extension of the local community with all the complexity, disasters, fun and frolics that that involved. It was an eye opener to say the least to be dropped head first into this, straight in to guiding paying guests, negotiating the workings of the lodge and above all trying to contribute something useful to the mix. My time there was awesome, not always easy but overall awesome.”

Candice Wagener McGuire echoes these sentiments:

“It’s not because life is like a holiday every day, even with the long shifts in tow. I guide because I like sharing my passion with those around me, I love seeing how the bush inspires every single being. My day is made when I see how people brighten up when they spend their holiday in the bush, how the smallest things put a smile on their faces. When I guide, I feel like I’m making a small difference to keep Africa alive in everyone’s hearts.”

These first-hand accounts will now most certainly make you send that email to to book a place on the next year course in September. You won’t regret it!

And in case you were still wondering, a final word from Nick...

“The beauty of this course is the extended time one spends out there, nothing is rushed and every day one learns something new, building a quite awesome knowledge base… I miss it today and will miss it every day that I am not there. The experience is total and is built of a complicated set of components, animals, birds, trees, plants, insects, soil, water, weather, stars, sights, sounds, smells, magic…  The bush does funny things to your head. It has got inside mine…” 
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