February 18, 2013


There are certainly places in nature where you just know, with every fibre of your being, if you go there, you will never be disappointed… The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya is such a place, and once again this wilderness is delivering!

Instructor Mark Gunn is currently there, conducting an EcoTraining 28 Day Kenya Safari Guide course, with participants from Switzerland, Germany, America, South Africa and Kenya. He sent through this excited update of this morning’s fabulous walk. A blow-by-blow account!

07:07: I can see lion, buffalo and elephants from my position.

07:46: Now we have two white rhinos but have lost the lion. We are walking to the ridge to try and spot them.

07:55: We have reached the ridge. Still looking for the lion but we have sight of three herds of elephants. There are a couple of lone bulls. Two groups of rhinos, a herd of buffalo and a solitary bull elephant from earlier. Giraffe herds on three sides and a lot of zebra all around. Also have walked past a group of Grants gazelles. Just found the lion tracks, we are following.

08:32: Right now we have an elephant in front at 40 m and two black rhinos to the right at 80 m.

08:45: We’re still with the elie but three white rhinos have also walked into view.

08:56: Now we are headed towards a herd of buffalo, more elephants and four white rhinos.

In the preceding days, since the course started on 10 February, this is what the group experienced:

11 February: Two elephant encounters as well as rhino on the first walk.
12 February: Lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo on the same walk. Spent a long time with the male and female lion.
13 February: Encountered elephants and buffaloes in the morning. Afternoon walk – black rhino, buffalo, lion and white rhino.
14 Feb: Lion in the morning. Elephants, white and black rhino in the afternoon.  The days are warm and the nights are cold.
15 February: There were lions inside the camp fence early this morning. We also saw Elvis the black rhino at very close range on the walk.
16 February: Very good white rhino encounter, seven of them. Then elephants. Very good birding. Grevy zebra close up. 

(Thank you Mark for the update!)
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