January 24, 2013


EcoTraining has partnered with renowned tracking specialist Alex van den Heever to provide an in-depth animal tracks and tracking course at any of our wilderness camps in Southern Africa. EcoTraining seeks to contribute to the restoration of indigenous knowledge, by involving deeply experienced local Shangaan trackers to co-facilitate the tracker training courses. The standard of this course can only be one of excellence as Alex is one of the most highly qualified trackers in South Africa. This sets EcoTraining's courses apart from most other of this nature.

The course outline is simple: the bush is the lecture room, the available tracks and signs, trails and animals are what we work with. We alter between track and sign interpretation and following and trailing sessions. Techniques long forgotten are introduced to the learners in a practical manner. 

It is fun. It is hands on. It is life changing!

Stand a chance to win a place on one of EcoTraining's famous tracking courses. All you have to do to enter, is simply inquire about the Animals Track and Tracking course or like our official Facebook fan page at EcoTraining - Ecotourism specials. The competition closes on 28 February 2013. So come one, what are you waiting for! 

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