April 19, 2012


The only thing that is certain in the bush is that nothing is certain, that’s for sure! But that’s part of the excitement, not knowing what you will find around the corner, or even if you will find anything at all. Chris Stamper, assistant instructor at our wilderness camp at Karongwe, send through these photos and update on an exciting couple of days for the group of students currently in camp.

16 April: We were having breakfast when vultures circling high up alerted us to a possible kill nearby. Rushing out to the opposite bank of the Karongwe River, we found a kudu carcass with fresh leopard prints all around. It was a young kudu and mostly consumed. We tried to stay in the area on the drive but didn’t find the elusive big male leopard we were hoping for.

17 April: The leopard taunted us by walking all over our tracks from yesterday. He also left a large piece of scat for those on walk to examine at close range. Whilst we didn’t see the leopard, the students got a lot of clues that will enable them to id leopard tracks and signs in the future. We really hope to see him soon, will keep you posted!

Making stok brood around the camp fire. Yet another great idea by Cornel Hancke!

This must be the life – Mike in a bush hammock.

(Thank you again Chris for the photos!) 
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