January 12, 2012



Welcome to yet another year filled with endless possibilities and the call of the African wilderness louder than ever! EcoTraining is ready with an array of courses to suit all preferences – from the more serious that wish to enter the guiding industry on a full time basis to discerning nature lovers.
Let’s get started!

·         Camps: After enjoying a bit of respite over the festive season from the busy year-round schedule, EcoTraining staff is eager to welcome the next bunch of students (that’s you!) at the different camps, here in South Africa and also just across the border in Botswana and further north in Kenya. 
Dale, Chris and Olga at Karongwe; Wouter, Byron and Jenn at Selati; Bruce, Brian and Dee at Makuluke and Brian and Chantelle at Mashatu. You will also come across Mark, EcoTraining’s roving instructor, and a handful of other instructors, chomping at the bits to share and impart valuable knowledge and information.
It’s going to be a hot start to the year, with sizzling temperatures pushing the mercury upwards. Summer rains should however bring relief while the bush will be alive and buzzing with activity.
Office: Most of you would have had some contact with the team from the head office in Nelspruit, obtaining information on the course you want to attend, are currently on or have just finished!
Angela handles sales and enquiries and Maritza the administration.  
Marxanne deals with operations and logistics, Eugene is her right hand man.
Corne heads up marketing, Liryn is assisting with social media and the likes.
Anton and Lex are the owners of EcoTraining.
FGASA/ Industry: The FGASA offices opened again on 9 January. For the latest on exam dates, job opportunities and other news from the industry, visit www.fgasa.org.za
Environment/conservation: As we all know, rhino poaching in this country has reached epidemic proportions, from 13 in 2007 to 443 slaughtered in 2011. And already 20+ this year!
The street value of rhinoceros horns has soared to about $65,000 a kilogram, making it more expensive than gold, platinum and in many cases cocaine, as a belief - with no basis in science - has taken hold in recent years in parts of Asia that ingesting it can cure or prevent cancer.
EcoTraining has been involved in spreading the message about this critical issue and we urge once again – something has to be done if we want to conserve these magnificent animals for future generations. Join the call to action, and get involved!
A picture speaks a thousand words, and if that is indeed the case, then these snapshots of life on an EcoTraining course is saying a lot!

A full year lies ahead, endless with possibilities, so make EcoTraining part of the adventure in 2012! We’ll keep you posted on important dates and future happenings.
We are already half way through January, but it’s not too late yet to book your place on one of the following courses starting in February:
7 February-1 April – FGASA Level 1 Field Guide – Selati/Karongwe
8 February-6 March – 28 Day Trails Guide – Makuleke
23 February-29 February – 7 Day EcoQuest – Mashatu

And here’s the environmental calendar for the next 12 months:
2 February                          World Wetlands Day
19-25 March                       National Water Week
23 March                             World Meteorological Day
5 June                                   World Environment Day
1-7 September                  National Arbor Week
16 September                   World Ozone Day
27 September                   World Tourism Day
4 October                            World Habitat Day
20 October                          National Marine Day

If you have any questions, send an email to enquiries@ecotraining.co.za.

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