November 18, 2011

The German's came to town

I joined Will Lawson from EcoTraining and a group of German media participants from South African Tourism on a fact finding tour, on a very unusual Safari this week.

We tried to understand the inter connection of nature with its surroundings and how Biomimicry can be utilised to provide us answers to a myriad of questions.

The more time we spent in the bush, learning about examples nature provided while following the spoor of two male cheetahs that formed a coalition to enhance their menu options. The more I came to realise that we are a lot less advanced and inspired than we should have been. I realised that we had a full research and development team that we haven’t been utilising. We spend years in developing products that nature developed (better I might add) years ago.

This is one of the aspects that Biomimicry is all about, providing answers to structural engineering, Architecture and many more advances in our daily life.
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