June 9, 2011

Advanced Wilderness Trails Skills Course - 5 Nights

It is not often that guides get quality time in the bush with other guides, learning from and listening to other guides’ stories. We never get time to be in the bush and share the wilderness spirit with each other. This, we feel is a great loss, as these guides are not able to reach their full potential. The very thing that attracts people to guiding and which they would like to share with their guests becomes stale and boring.

EcoTraining provides the opportunity to be able to backpack and go hiking and camping in one of the last remaining true Wilderness areas. All guides dream of this opportunity but very few are able to experience this. This will provide Guides with a bigger wilder picture and rejuvenate their tired spirits, providing better interaction with clients and furthering the greater cause of conservation.

EcoTraining’s 6 Day Wilderness Trails Skills Course introduces guides to one another which will allow guides to share their experiences and skills.

This is not a qualification course and has no set curriculum. However this does not mean you will not learn anything during the Trail. Bruce Lawson, one of South Africa’s premier wilderness guides, is one of only a hand full of guides who have passed the SKS DG and Birding qualifications, will be tutoring each course. Lessons you will be taught will not be found in any books but will rather be hands on learning. These include advanced navigation and orientation with an emphasis on map reading. Situational awareness, setting up eco-friendly camps and water purification without using modern techniques is but a few of the advanced skills you will learn.

Each Guide will take turns to lead the group, determining their own route to navigate the vast Wilderness area (Makuleke Concession in the Kruger National Park). Nights will be spent under the stars getting to know the environment and each other. The heat of the day will be spent in the shade on the bank of the Levuvhu River, possibly having a dip.

This is EcoTraining’s way of giving back to the industry and conservation, as well as providing aspirant guides with a platform to develop the true wilderness spirit within them.

Although game is plentiful, every effort will be made to avoid confrontational encounters.

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