August 13, 2010

Yahoo! At last

A long range drive on Selati paid off with a great deal of mammalian sightings. A great success in its own right. The pinnacle for a bird enthusiast student and myself was the chance sighting of two ground hornbills on an old farmland. We made our approach as surreptitiously as we could but the birds kept moving away from us. A bit of persistence rewarded us with closer views but we still had to make do with a view from at least 30 -40 meters at best and they were constantly moving which meant we had to keep after them. Regular stops for photographs and then we were off again on pursuit. This sighting was an incredible chance to talk about these magnificent birds. The male was shyer than the female and he kept a greater distance than she did. We had to be careful not to split them too much. Manoeuvring around them so that we had a view of each bird in turn without getting in between. We followed them for at least half a km. We had a late breakfast!

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