January 8, 2010

EcoTraining trainer and assessor publishes new book

Megan has worked in the wildlife industry since leaving school in 1995. She began her career by completing a degree in Nature Conservation and subsequently her resume has included a diversity of fields within the industry. She has worked as a researcher, writer and assistant producer in wildlife television, as a field guide in the private safari industry and then as a field guide’s trainer and assessor in the Lowveld. She has also travelled to many different wild parts of southern Africa and particularly enjoys the editorial interpretation of her experiences both in writing and photography. Megan has authored / co-authored two wildlife books and is also the founder of a new wildlife events and edu-tainment company called African Resource. Read more on http://www.africanresource.co.za/

Having trained students for several years, it became apparent that there was a need for a book that consolidated the practical aspects of the learning process (including ALL subjects trees, insects, birds etc). There are so many technical books out there which can be daunting for beginner naturalists. They wanted to produce something that focused on the most commonly encountered subjects from an interpretative context (rather than solely identification). It was clear that although the book would be an awesome training tool, it would also be suitable for anyone going to the bush or with an interest in wildlife and the kind of info obtained from the book (facilitated by its special format) would be like taking your own 'ranger' into the bush with you.
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