November 23, 2009

EcoTraining launches one day snake course.

We are very excited about the one day snake course and the opportunity to work with Mike Perry. This is a great opportunity for anyone that has a love or a fear of snakes. Having the right knowledge can make a world of difference.

These snake courses are presented to the general public, outdoors people, field guides, farmers, snake keepers, doctors, vets, mining companies, developers, etc. In short, anybody that may come in contact with snakes or snakebite, or that has a general interest or passion for snakes, will benefit from these courses.

The courses are FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) approved as specialist courses. Those that pass will receive a certificate with the FGASA emblem on it. The Snake ID and Snakebite Treatment course is also registered with the WITS CPD Office and medical doctors that pass the test can claim 5 CPD points (Continued Professional Development).

Mike Perry researched and compiled these courses after a number of people approached him for information and his professional advice on snakebite and the handling of snakes. He have been catching snakes since 1965 and works professionally with venomous snakes as he extract venom for anti-venom production & keeps about 500 snakes for this purpose alone.

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