October 2, 2009

EcoTraining Australia Completes 1st Course

The sightings this year have been incredible!!

These dingo pictures are of a pure bred male in his prime, walking a dry river bed hunting Mulga Parrots. We picked up his tracks in the river bed that were amongst huge Camel spoor and had given up the chase when he came trotting out of the sparse arid scrub right in front of us.

The huge snake you see is a 3 1/2 metre Olive Python one of the Apex species in Australia. Harmless to humans this snake spent 40-minutes in camp curling up around rocks and trees before it moved away to hunt rodents and small mammals.

The massive bird in the pictures is Australia's largest bird of prey the Wedge-Tailed Eagle. This is a common (daily) sighting and they specialise in rodents, mammals and reptiles. We have seen these Eagles take feral cats.

The Saltwater crocodile pics are from an area just 20-minutes from camp - the Mary River - that has the largest concentration of crocodiles per square kilometre of anywhere in the world. We have seen up to 6 metre crocs here with students.

The group of students in the Safari truck are from our August 28-day course who have just completed their training.

Cheers Mark
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