August 14, 2009

The Game Ranger Experience

The Game Ranger Experience is for those people who want to learn some of the principles of managing wildlife areas for conservation and preservation of the ecosystems. Game Rangers are the custodians of our wildlife areas and are responsible for ensuring that our game and nature reserves are managed in a sustainable manner. For people to understand what a game ranger does, it is very important to understand Ecosystem management which includes grasses; plants; animals; weather; geology; roads; fences; water and fire. Game Capture is only a small part of a game ranger’s duty as here he will generally form part of a large team of game capture specialists and veterinary specialists doing a capture as and when needed whilst taking place at the last minute yet generally in winter months, the supposed “glamorous” side of being a game ranger. Anti-poaching on the other hand is the not so “glamorous” side to any game rangers’ duty and is generally an on-going daily saga, with much frustration, passion and determination.

It is with good reason that Lex and Anton the Directors of EcoTraining decided to join forces with Ralf Kalwa to conduct and instruct our Game Ranger Course. With reference to Ralf’s experience and expertise below, you have no doubt your Instructor on this course will deliver information and a great understanding to the contents of this course. With total passion and enthusiasm for a Game Ranger’s life!

Tasks include:
Observation, census and animal condition forms which contribute to the collection of data which can be passed on to the game reserve’s management for their own use and the learners get to contribute to the authentic operations.
Patrol drives to do game distribution; sex ratios; age classes; game numbers and condition.
Learners do waterhole count and sleep outs.
A full day and night (with his team) with Anti-poaching specialist Jack Greef at Makuleke – Highlight!
There may be game capture activity if one becomes available during the course, not guaranteed.
Visiting buffalo breeding programme
Practical work would include alien and invasive plant control and waste cleanup.Final presentation done by all students as individuals – last day.

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