March 23, 2009

Encounters large and small at Selati

Selati had a wonderful February and March month with encounters from the small to the large...


" It is not often that we get to encounter leopard on foot at Selati, yet this was exceptional and the students were walking on air all day after this sighting!" Mark Gunn - Head Instructor Selati
The bush is alive with little things at the moment and camp is a paradise for entomology. We have seen the Matebele ants (travelling trains) moving their Bivouac through the camp with some hassles. A solifuge spider was attcking the train and eateing a few small meals one after the other. Another predator we had the priveledge to see was a pirate fly stealing the larvae from the ants and suceeding.

Birding societies would have loved to see our array of migrant birds this month, bringing the toal to 132 bird species in just four weeks.

A few trips to the southern part of the reserve in search of lions, a 'hike" to the neraby hills for the best view and an excersion to the old open cast mine for a few Geology lessons.

Heavy rain brought our DRY river bed down in flood to a level of 2m deep which is always facinating a one of those special priviledges not often seen by people.
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