November 3, 2008

Rhino Encounter at Karongwe

Our student group was walking across the river from camp and found a Rhino with a newly born calf (estimated 3 days old).
Later when the group walked in the area they tracked the rhino and found the tell-tale scuff marks of a fight or struggle. They tracked the rhino and later heard an animal’s alarm call ahead. They approached and saw something (possibly leopard or hyena) moving off. They moved forward to find a Rhino closeby behind a termite mound and then a student spotted the rhino calf lying flat in the grass meters from where they stood.
Rob immediately moved the group away from danger but was concerned as the calf appeared to be dead or dying. One of the students said they had seen it blink so Rob called the Warden. He arrived sometime later to find a very weak and injured rhino calf in the grass. Its ears were torn off at the base and it had already begun to smell badly. They loaded it onto the vehicle and took it to a nearby rehabilitation centre. The calf started to drink and is now able to walk again.
It is hope that it'll be released back into the Buffalo camp in the Karongwe reserve until it is old enough to fend for itself. To date, all is going well.
From Rob - Head Trainer
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